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Friends of SOCSA enjoyed having the opportunity to share our passion for the SOCSA program with you.  We hope you walked away with excitement and enthusiasm for all of the opportunities available to our children across all of the SOCSA academies.  In case you were unable to attend, we wanted to reach out and share some of the highlights. *  SOCSA Academy has over 1,000 students enrolled.  That is over 1/3 of the Dana Hills High School student body. *  SOCSA offers more than 20 different classes between Dance, Theatre, Vocal Music, Visual Arts, and Instrumental Music. *  SOCSA teachers and coaches are carefully selected to emphasize various art disciplines and to contribute hands-on professional experience to help grow students into performing and visual artists. *  The annual cost to run the SOCSA Academy is over $250,000.  Some extracurricular programs are self-funded (e.g., through paid participation such as contests, master classes, etc.), but that still leaves over $210,000 which needs to be raised annually. *  CUSD provides very little funding for SOCSA. *  Donations are the only way SOCSA Academy can raise the vitally needed funds to continue offering all of its arts programs. *  SOCSA Academy will be forced to reduce the amount of opportunities, classes, coaches, etc. if the Academy’s financial needs are not met. *  When you enroll your child in the SOCSA Academy, you are asked to contribute toward helping fund the SOCSA program.  While the annual education cost per child in the SOCSA Academy averages approximately $2000, the suggested contribution amount is only $500 (25%) per child to help offset program costs…just a fraction of what it costs to educate your child.  We now accept monthly and quarterly payments as well as credit cards. *  If you are unable or prefer not to write a check, there are many other ways you can help contribute to the SOCSA Academy.  We encourage you to get creative and have fun while helping keep the SOCSA Academy fully funded.  Your child can fundraise the suggested donation amount by participating in structured fundraisers like candy, flowers, bags, etc.  You can contribute a wish list item that is requested by your child’s SOCSA teacher.  You can enroll in corporate funds matching programs.  Truly no amount of contribution is too small. *  Currently we have raised 44% of our $210,000 goal…but with your help we know we can get 100% of our goal met this year!   Please consider partnering with Friends of SOCSA in supporting the SOCSA Academy.  Our mission is to help relieve the burden of financial insecurity for the SOCSA Academy and give the SOCSA teachers and coaches access to every possible tool they need to grow our kids into amazing artists. Please donate today:   Scott Green Friends of SOCSA VP...

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SOCSA Spotlight – 8/23/17

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