South Orange County School of Arts

Our Departments


The South Orange County School of the Arts (SOCSA) offers not only technical training for the serious dance student, but practical training as well. Students are trained formally in the major of dance through the genres of ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance. Additionally, training is offered in musical theatre and technical theatre.

Instrumental Music

The instrumental music program at SOCSA offers a widely diverse course of study for the instrumental student. The student receives extensive technical training on his/her instrument; studying music history, theory, composition, and recording, as well as many performance opportunities in band, orchestra, and smaller instrumental ensembles. Attention will be given to the development of those musical skills which are most important to the professional player: sight reading, understanding of musical styles, accompaniment, pit orchestra work, jazz and pop music, and solo and ensemble playing.

Theater Arts

SOCSA offers the serious acting student a diverse theatre program. This program includes in-depth studies in acting, directing, musical theatre, repertory, theatrical design and construction, plus theatre and career management.

Visual Arts

Art is conscious, human expression in visual form. It has been, is, and will always be the means by which each culture records, expresses, and interprets the world around it. Art, as a visual form of communication essential to the understanding of and participation in our increasingly creative approach to life, is a significant and valued human endeavor.

Vocal Music

The SOCSA vocal music student receives intensive training in a wide variety of topics related to the vocal art. Primary emphasis is given to singing technique, theory and musicianship, vocal ensemble experience, theatrical training, diction in English and other languages, understanding of musical styles, and stage movement.